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Robots large and small on a total of 17 A4 pages.

  • 5 pages of 4 full-size robots and one page with accessories, such as rockets, planets, tools etc.
  • 12 pages with parts for large robots (40cm).
So they are the perfect size for impressive window pictures and colouring in is child's play for young and old.

Simply print out the motifs as often as you like.

Colour the paper and cut it out. For bright window pictures, use 80g plain paper and oil the back of the paper at the end to make it transparent.

In addition, the robots are included in large pieces. (One robot will be over 40 cm tall)

After colouring, glue the heads, arms, legs... onto sturdy cardboard, for example, and cut them out.

You can wildly combine and exchange the different limbs... With the help of the protruding flaps and pattern bag clips you can assemble the robots into movable figures. - Like jumping jacks.

Of course, the giant robots can also be treated with the "oil trick" and glued to the window.

Tip: The transparent window robots will be especially durable if you laminate them after colouring, oiling, ironing and cutting them out and cut them out again with about 3mm extra along the edge. You can also punch holes in the marked areas of the laminated version and use pattern bag clips to assemble them in a movable way.

Fix the figures to the window with transparent adhesive pads or simply tape.

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