About me

My name is Bine Brändle. I am a mother of two boys who are now grown up.

I have the most beautiful job in the world, because I can practically live out all my creative hobbies professionally!

I am a graduate designer, illustrator, author , fabric and carpet designer, inventor of coloring pages, developer of very special creative products such as paints and brushes that also meet my high standards as an artist. The most important thing for me? That everyone can achieve the greatest possible results with my material, for maximum enjoyment of the creative hobby!

How did it all start?
Even as a child I used to do handicrafts, paint and decorate until everything was colorful and happy. It was almost an obvious choice to study graphic design. And because even then I could hardly put my drawing pen down, I immediately specialized in illustration. Because you can tell stories not only with words, but also with colors on paper - and I just love to invent stories. Preferably funny stories with cute and original fantasy characters. My first children's book was written more than 20 years ago. Flusi, the sock monster was actually only intended as a diploma thesis, but was promptly published by Ravensburger Verlag at the time, and that's how my career as a freelance artist began...

It continued with creative books .

Especially the templates I developed for window pictures are my personal treasure. I just love to beautify my home in an original way - and with the window pictures I can perfectly combine my love for illustrations and decoration.

I convinced my publisher at the time of my template idea, and this is how the first template folders for chalk markers came about.

And when the success came and one or the other template folder was sold out, especially at Christmas time, the loving calls from the online community, who did not want to wait for the next book edition from the printers, got louder: We want to do handicrafts! Right now! This is how I developed the downloadable templates. So computer on, printer on ... and off we go.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love window pictures! At some point I asked myself: How can I prepare pictures on normal printed paper in such a way that daylight can flood them and they shine really well? Then I remembered my childhood. At that time, my mom made paper lanterns with me, which we made transparent with oil, a tried and tested lantern technique. Why didn't anyone before me think of transferring this principle to window pictures? I tinkered and that's how my "oil trick" templates came about, which everyone can print out and color in as often as they want.

First of all, there were (and still are) classic, large window pictures for tracing . You can print them out on a printer at home, which is suitable for everyday use. And in the original size, nothing with scaling and conversion! The templates are adapted to A4 sheets, with easy-to-stick markers for sticking together. So far so good.

Then I wanted more. More options, more flexibility, more creativity. So I developed my window pictures further and put them together from many smaller A4 motifs. The template downloads are like coloring books that you can download in minutes. They consist of numerous individual motifs on the selected topic, sometimes with dozens of pages per download. You can print them out as many times as you want. You can color in the printout directly and cut it out and not only make window pictures, but also countless other things such as garlands or gifts. You can find my instructions with many, many inspirations in the shop in the main menu.

The advantage of the many individual motifs that are precisely adapted to A4: there is no need to stick them together and you can arrange everything as you like. Does the snail crawl over the mushroom or does Mrs. Garden Gnome lift it up? ... and here we are again making up stories.;-)

My templates - your stories

I am so often amazed when I see online how you arranged the figures. Whole families gather, from children to grandmothers, and everyone combines, paints, cuts and decorates together - and spend a wonderful family day at the same time. Even those children who never feel like drawing and can do absolutely nothing with a blank sheet of paper are ultimately animated by the templates, at least according to the feedback from kindergarten teachers. That makes me a little proud.

Thank you a thousand times

I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for so many of you sharing and posting pictures. All the amazing creations you made from my templates - wow! A handicraft template only makes sense when it is used, varied and brought to life by creative people. I am amazed by your enthusiasm! Keep up the good work under #BineBrändle.

your bine