Mandalas & Boho Dreams Aqua DP
Mandalas & Boho Dreams Aqua DP
Mandalas & Boho Dreams Aqua DP
Mandalas & Boho Dreams Aqua DP
Mandalas & Boho Dreams Aqua DP
Mandalas & Boho Dreams Aqua DP
Mandalas & Boho Dreams Aqua DP
Mandalas & Boho Dreams Aqua DP

Mandalas & Boho Dreams Aqua DP

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Mandalas & Boho Dreams Aqua

Digital paper with mandalas for self-printing, crafting and decorating!

  • 29 A4 pages, made with love for you and thoughtfully put together ;-)

As a PDF file in high print quality, the pages can also be wonderfully enlarged and printed out on A3.

Print it out yourself, whether at home or in a copy shop, whether with a laser or inkjet printer, on thick (e.g. 160g) or thin paper (e.g. 80g).

Print out the sheets of paper as many times as you want.

For collages, decoupage technique, scrapbooking, photo transfer technique, origami, mixed media artworks...

For bookmarks, paper garlands, wrapping paper, greeting cards, notebook covers, your bullet journal, wallpaper for the dollhouse, and and and

Decorate the back of your file, your dining room chair or an entire chest of drawers with colourful, perfectly coordinated patterns that you can cut, tear, glue and combine.

You can also find lots of ideas, techniques, instructions and suggestions with my digital papers on my Instagram account: @binebraendle #binebrändle

My advice:

If you want to glue your paper projects very "wet", make sure that you use waterproof and lightfast ink with ink jet printers. (Specified on cartridge pack).

Otherwise just apply glue to the unprinted back of the paper and finally seal your work of art (e.g. a chair with stickers) with clear lacquer spray.

Printouts with a laser printer (also from the copy shop) are basically always waterproof and lightfast and also very suitable for photo transfer technology.

A notice:
You are acquiring copyrighted material:

Please only use the digital paper for private purposes and do not pass the files on to third parties. Thank you very much for your understanding.
Teachers and educators are of course allowed to use the sheets together with their groups of children.

Have fun with your paper projects!

your bine

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Thanks ;-)

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