Lantern robot

Lantern robot

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Lantern robot

The motif is included in 2 different sizes.

The format is precisely tailored to the standard cheese boxes that you can buy very cheaply for building lanterns.

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Multimarkers are available here:

Also included:

  • Basic instructions with tricks for painting lanterns

The motifs are printed out on normal 80g printer paper.

Make sure that your printer is also set to 100% size.
(The format of the files is exactly A4.
Every printer has a different printable area...
Some printers therefore automatically want to scale a little smaller.
But then the motif would no longer fit exactly around the cheese box)

For the large lantern, simply glue the 2 A4 sheets of paper together. (Glue stick)

For the small lantern, cut the A4 printout in half and glue the two halves together to make a smaller strip.


Materials you will also need:

  • 6" or 4.5" diameter cheese box (the standard measurements for lantern making)
  • Colors of your choice , e.g. watercolors, wax paints, colored pencils, felt-tip pens, ink...
  • (salad) oil or candle wax to make the paper transparent and bright
  • iron, kitchen roll
  • glue stick
  • Light source , e.g. electric lantern stick
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